Mar 23, 2017

5 Good Sakura Spots in Osaka

Hi, this is Shoko from Osaka Hana Hostel.
I'm happy because it is getting warmer and warmer these days.

Today, I will recommend you 5 good Sakura spots in Osaka!

1. Osaka Castel Park
Best Time: Late March - Mid-April

2. Utsubo Park *This is the nearest spot from Hana Hostel
Best Time:  Late March - Early April

3. Japan Mint
Opening Period: The 11th of April - The 17th of April

4. Kema-sakurabomiya Park
Best Time:  Late March - Early April

5. Shitenno temple
Best Time:  Late March - Early April

Don't miss to see beautiful sakura if you will be in Osaka during the above period.  

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