Sep 13, 2017

Kishiwada Danjiri Festival 2017

Kishiwada Danjiri Festival is one of the most famous and thrilling festival in Japan.

Massive wooden floats called "Danjiri" are accelerated to the human running speed. Kishiwada Danjiri Festival is characterized by 35 teams, and each carries a loud orchestra and a person who performs an expressive dance on the roof. But what really makes Kishiwada Danjiri Festival so special is the speed at which the floats are turned 90 degrees at crossroads and corners.
You can also enjoy viewing Danjiri closely when it stops in front of you. It is large and heavy (weigh up to 5 tonnes) and has elaborate carvings. the floats parade slowly through the town, illuminated by over 200 paper lanterns. There are stalls selling snacks and beverages on streets.
Around Kishiwada station and Haruki station of Nankai Line
1-10, Miyamotocho, Kishiwada
SCHEDULESeptember 16(Sat), 17(Sun), 2017
■Yoimiya Festival on 16th 6:00 - 22:00
■Honmiya Festival on 17th 9:00 - 22:00
INQUIRIESName : Kishiwada City
TEL : 072-423-9486

Quoted from OSAKAINFO

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