Jan 24, 2011

Hi, how's it going?

As I have good reputation for burritos, I want to introduce a real Mexican restaurant in Osaka.

I've eaten so many burritos in the states in my life. of course, more than 100 burritos. I even ate 15 burritos for 7 days when I visited California last year. I pretty much know a lot of great Mexican restaurants in San Diego.

However, I have never eaten a real burrito in Japan. I don't know where I can have it.
I have been missing it!! I have desperately wanted to eat it.

I have been looking for good one in Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto and even in Tokyo, but I could not find one.

Burrito has to be huge but it's all small in Japan. I wish we could have at least Chipotle in Japan though.

However, I could finally find one. Well, let's say it's pretty much close to "Real California Burrito" really close. Sorry I'm really snob about Burrito.

It's called "El Zocalo"

place: Osaka kita horie 1-9-6 1FB
day off: Monday
chicken burrito 580 yen
beef burrito 630 yen
shrimp burrito 630 yen
basic burrito 480 yen

this is the website.

it's open at 11:30 until 22:00, so you can have a burrito for brunch, lunch and dinner.
maybe chicken burrito for brunch, beef burrito for lunch and shrimp burrito for dinner.
How does it sound??

Enjoy your meal.

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