Jan 22, 2011

Let's go to E-cube in KIKI University!

E-cube opens to the public from FEB 15 to MAR 31 in this winter!

E-cube is a kind of English-speaking cafe in KINKI university.
Usually only the students participate in it, however it opens to the public during the summer and spring vacations.
(10:00~16:00 Only weekdays, FREE)

5 to 8 people sit around each tables and talk in English.

The staff working there do some activities at 13:00 everyday.
They do cook, make a presentation related to Japan, play a music and so on..

People who join in a chat are so approachable, interested in English and overseas.
I recommend this facility even for non-Japanese because language they speak is English.
You would hear what Japanese people think nowadays.

When I talked with some ladies, they were anxious about their old age..
I noticed the reality of an increasing number of senior citizens.

Commons in the university help you to do rest.
Otherwise many restaurants are close to the University.
Not only English, you can enjoy having lunch or dinner there.

If you wanna talk in a small group, please visit e-cube in rainy days.
Access is getting off at Kintetsu Nagase station and walk for 10mins.

Don't miss this chance!

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