May 31, 2011

Enjoy Osaka Sightseeing to the full!

Osaka is one of the famouse sightsiing spots in Japan!
But if you read this, your trip would be more interesting!

I introduce Osaka people's habits and Osaka own culture!

◎Most of the Osaka people talk to interactive voice machines.
Japan has many talking machines such as vending machines, parking gates, and tickes machines.
Osaka people response them.

◎Mixed juice is famouse only in Osaka (Kansai area).
It is a popular juice, but Kanto people are not familiar with it.
Banana, peach, pineapple and vanilla are mixed together.

◎Usually Japan has 3 types of souce; thick, semi-thick and thin.
But Semi-thick souce is not exist in Osaka.
We have Okonomiyaki souce though.. ha ha.

◎People are frendly.
Yes, Osaka people are very optimistic and approachable! ( I believe so)

◎Shoot Osaka people as joke, then they pretend to die..!
80% it is true!
Please try to do this with our staff, Mr Yano!

He is a typical Osaka people! ha ha :)

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