Aug 2, 2011

Yodogawa Fireworks Festival 2011

Yodogawa Fireworks festival is coming in 4 days!!
..However, we enjoyed from our rooftop for the last 3 years, but a new building has been under construction in the same direction of the fireworks and is getting higher and higher, so I guess it would disturb us to watch the fireworks..
We had great party on the rooftop last year, but it seems better to not do it this year..

BUT!! Mr. Yano is willing to help out. He has lived in this area and watched these fireworks for more than 20 years every year without fail, he has planned a tour this year to watch the fireworks.

*The details *
1. Please come to the J-Hoppers reception at 6:30 pm on the 6th of August(Saturday)
2.We will walk to the river side(about 20 mins)
You can buy a sushi set(500 yen) if you want, and enjoy with fantastic fireworks!!
3.After the fireworks, you can also enjoy Japanese public bath(sento) on the way back to J-Hoppers. The fee:400 yen

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