Aug 2, 2011

Kobe FireWork

This coming saturday, AUg 6th, there is a Firework Festival in Kobe.
It starts from 19:30. There will be so many people there and must be super busy.

I'll tell you where you can see the firework wel;

1) Kobe Harbor land
2) Meriken park
3) Nakafutou(Port island)
4) Venus Bridge
5) Mt. Rokko

i think Venus bridge is the best place because you can see the night view as well and there might not be so busy. If you catch a cab from near Sannomiya hankyu station, it would be 1,200yen to get to there. You will have to call a cab to pick you up to go down to Sannomiya though.

Also, I guess there are not so many people around nakafutou station.

p.s. Yodogawa firework falls on the same day!

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