Sep 25, 2011

Let's see a musical★ in Osaka

I saw the musical play in Gekidan-Shiki's theather in Osaka.
Gekidan-Shiki is a famous drama company which play to aim at a mass audience.

It was the first time to see this kind of musical play for me.
I was touched and wanted to see again!

Gekidan-Shiki have many dramas, one of them which I saw was 「The Sound of Music」.
It was very lovely!:)
Story was nice, songs were great, their act was amazing.
This show close by the end of February 2012.
( You still have a chance♪)

Another drama is going to be put on the stage since Oct 23 in Kyoto.
The tile is 「Mamma Mia!
This has been played in Osaka last year, but I missed to see...
If you have a chance, you would be better to go! :)

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