Nov 26, 2011

Arima hot spring!

Arima Onsen is one of great Onsen in kinki area.
Access is very easy from Osaka!
It is worth to visit!

Arima has 2 kinds of Onsen, one is called " gold Onsen " another one is called " Silver Onsen".
Gold onsen's color is red and yellow. This is a picture of old onsen!

Silver onset looks like normal, but it makes you very warm and comfortable.
Both Onsens are very good for your health.

I visited " Taiko no yu" which is a amusement park of Onsen in Arima.
You can enjoy spa, massage,bedrock bath , food and so on.

This amusement park is amazing!
You can enjoy both onsen at the same time!
And you can enjoy 24 kinds of both style.

I relaxed so much! I am sure you have a great time here.

I wanna visit Arima Onsen again♪(^^) Miss it!

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