Aug 7, 2013

Floating Garden Observatory

Have you been to Floating Garden Observatory?
We call it Sky building.
It's one of the sight seeing places in Osaka, go up to the 40th floor and see a nice view of Osaka, sweet dating spot for couples!

And now we have a haunted house in Floating Garden Observatory1st floor!
It looks so scary,doesn't it!?

*The 12th of July (FRI) ~the 8th of September (SUN)
*The 1st floor of the Floating Garden Observatory
*Weekday from 5pm to 9pm 
  Holiday from 2pm to 9pm
*Special ticket-2800yen (Entrance ticket of Floating Garden Observatory and haunted house)

After that why don't you go to this restaurant?
【Sky rouge STARDUST 】
It's Italian restaurant, they have many kinds of wine, cocktail and course! 
It must be a beautiful view since it locates the 39th floor of Floating Garden Observatory!

Enjoy this summer in Floating Garden Observatory!!!! 

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