Aug 19, 2013

High-School Baseball Tournament

National Invitational High-School Baseball Tournament is held in Koshien Stadium every year.
This stadium is close to Osaka Hana Hostel.

Their play is really amazing.
Many professional baseball players are born from this.

If they lose, you cannot be back in the tournament.
Many Japanese are really look forward to watching their play every year.
If you have a chance, please head to the stadium.

These are tips about tournament.

This means the crowded stands in the tournament.
It looks like a alps.
School songs
Winner school sing their school song after the game.

Siren sound tells start and end of games.
It was important for next game supporters, clews or sellers because they did not have even radios.

Clod of ground

Looser team bring it back to their home town as memory.

Ticekts fee is very cheap : 600yen~

I am sure you can enjoy, even if you are not interested in baseball :p

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