Apr 6, 2014


 Have you gone for seeing cherry blossom?
If not, I will recommend you go to Mt Yoshino.

Traditionally Mt. Yoshino had many cherry trees including around 200 different types and thirty thousand trees. Beautiful but yet fragile mountain cherry blossoms cover path to path, valley to valley and finally all over the mountain.

There are a lot of white moutain cherries around Shimo, Naka, Kami, and Oku area. Senbon is an expression that you can view a thousand cherry trees at a glance.
 Simo-senbon, Naka-senbon, Kami-senbon, Oku-senbon are viewed in chronological order starting from early April through late April.
In this way, you can enjoy a beautiful cherry blossoms for a long period. Night cherry blossoms are also recommended (lit-up).

 Let's enjoy sakura!!

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