May 7, 2016

'Noryo in Minoh'

Hi, How is it going ?
this is Kazuko from Osaka Hana Hostel:)

Nowadays, it is getting hotter and hotter.
Summer is coming soon!

Today I would like to introduce about 'Minoh Kawayuka'


Minoh Kawayuka (Outdoor riverside dining)

 Walking approximately 2-kilometer takimichi trail along the Minoh River from Hankyu Minoh station, you will pass by the shops selling traditional Minoh Sweet "Momiji Tempura (fried maple leaves)", souvenir shop selling original Yuzu(aromatic citron), bright green leaves path and in 10 to 15 minutes you will arrive in the minoh feature "Minoh Kawayuka" where you can have a lunch and a dinner beside the Minoh River hearing the murmur.
Why don't you visit Minoh Waterfall through the beauty of natural surroundings after having a meal at Kawayuka?

*Reservation required

Isoyoshi/Otoha-sansou Ume-yashiki
SCHEDULE April 23(Sat)-June 5(Sun) 
■Isoyoshi 12:00-19:00
■Otoha-sansou Ume-yashiki  <1>11:45~13:15 <2>13:30~15:00
FEE ■Isoyoshi
・Hamo Nabe set(pike conger hotpot) 3,800yen
・Kaiseki (formally arranged dinner to enjoy sake) 3,800yen

■Otoha-sansou Ume-yashiki
・Kawayuka Bento 3,000yen
INQUIRIES Name : Isoyoshi/Otoha-sansou Ume-yashiki
TEL : Isoyoshi 072-724-2477/Otoha-sansou 072-721-3005 

Please enjoy your trip in Japan:)

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